UT finalizes budget for trustees’ consideration, announces layoffs

April 16, 2010 | News, UToday
By Jon Strunk

The University of Toledo will present a recommended budget to the Board of Trustees Finance Committee for consideration at its meeting Monday, April 19.

In a letter sent to the UT community Friday afternoon, President Lloyd Jacobs said UT has much to be proud of, pointing to key strategic investments in its recommended budget for fiscal year 2011. However, he said, UT also has had to make some difficult choices.

“But these strategic investments do not come without hard choices,” Jacobs wrote. “I regret to inform you that this afternoon we once again began the process of work-force downsizing. The final number of employees affected will not be determined until after employees exercise all available options.

“These layoffs are due to budgetary constraints and are in no way a reflection on the work ethic of these men and women who deserve our heartfelt thanks for their commitment to The University of Toledo. All will receive job search and placement assistance from the University to help make this difficult transition as painless as possible,” he wrote.

Though layoffs are always hard, Jacobs wrote the new budget must provide funding for key areas the University intends to focus on as areas of excellence.

“UT intends to invest more than $12 million in strategic hiring and faculty research startup commitments. Additional dollars will go toward funding UT Centers of Excellence, toward research faculty across all campuses, and toward ensuring continued enrollment growth,” he wrote.

In addition to honoring all contractual obligations, UT’s recommended budget includes modest salary increases for non-union clinical staff and non-union academic staff making less than $80,000 a year. Jacobs pointed out that many of these higher paid employees received no increase last year.

“In fiscal year 2012, nearly $20 million may disappear from UT’s budget as federal stimulus dollars and state ‘rainy day’ funds expire,” he wrote. “By beginning preparation more than a year in advance and by committing resources now to academic, research and clinical priorities, The University of Toledo will have additional power to shape its future rather than seeing its future dictated by external events.

“The coming year will not be easy. But by preparing for those challenges today, I believe in the years to come we’ll be amazed at what we’ve been able to accomplish together.”

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