Updated Mission, Vision, Value Statements and Draft Strategic Goals Shared by Strategic Planning Committee

May 6, 2022 | News, Strategic Plan, UToday, Alumni
By Meghan Cunningham

As the Strategic Planning Committee continues its efforts to develop a comprehensive and bold strategic plan to guide The University of Toledo’s future, it has created updated mission, vision and value statements for the University.

In April, drafts of the new statements were shared with the UToledo community and they have now been updated to reflect the input received.

The updated draft statements are:


The University of Toledo improves the human condition as a public research university and academic medical center whose mission is to educate students to become future-ready graduates, cultivate leaders, create and advance knowledge, care for patients and engage our local, national and global communities.


The University of Toledo will impact the present and shape the future through our actions and discoveries. To achieve this vision, we will:

•  Prioritize student success, health and well-being;

•  Create a diverse community built on foundations of respect, inclusion and belonging;

•  Embrace a people-first culture where we are known for outstanding student experiences, alumni and donor engagement, patient satisfaction and as an employer of choice;

•  Launch graduates equipped to think critically, act ethically, collaborate and communicate effectively in diverse environments, and apply their knowledge and skills to analyze and solve real-world problems;

•  Build on our distinct strengths and invest in areas that increase the University’s impact;

•  Foster research, innovation, discovery and creative work that transform our world;

•  Partner with our communities to advance our mutual success and create opportunity for all;

•  Inspire a love of life-long learning and commitment to serving others; and

•  Develop and strengthen relationships that invest in our mission to improve the human condition.


•  Academic Excellence – We embrace the highest standards of achievement, challenging our students, faculty and staff to reach their greatest potential.

•  People-Centered – We prioritize our relationships with our students, faculty, staff, patients, alumni and donors, creating a culture where everyone feels valued, supported and part of the Rocket family.

•  Inclusion – We foster belonging, equity and respect for all as part of our commitment to valuing diversity of people and ideas.

•  Community – We advance the public good in our regional, state, national and global communities through service and collaboration.

•  Research and Innovation – We impact the world around us through innovation in discovery, integration, application, teaching and creative works.

•  Integrity – We are trustworthy, acting with honesty, transparency, accountability and authenticity in all we do.

•  Efficiency and Effectiveness – We ensure long-term success through fiscal stability, sustainability, alignment, efficiency and operational excellence.

The updated mission, vision and value statements will be presented to the UToledo Board of Trustees in June for approval.

These updated statements are guiding the goals of the new strategic plan that is being developed to position UToledo for long-term success and growth.

The Strategic Planning Committee, led by co-chairs Dr. Jason Huntley, professor of microbiology, and Dr. Anne Fulkerson, assistant vice provost for institutional research, has created seven draft strategic goals for the new strategic plan that will continue to be developed, refined and revised as the planning process continues.

The draft strategic goals are:

1. Foster a Student-Centered Culture that Prioritizes Success, Strengthens Retention and Offers Transformative Experiences.

2. Enhance the Student Recruitment Experience, Increase Educational Access and Grow Enrollment.

3. Establish UToledo as the Employer of Choice through Enhanced Employee Recruitment, Development, Retention and Reward Practices.

4. Build Strong Strategic Partnerships that Drive Economic Growth and Development, Apply Expert Knowledge, Solve Complex Issues and Promote Experiential Learning.

5. Ensure Long-Term Institutional Growth through Fiscal Stability and Operational Effectiveness.

6. Expand UToledo’s Research, Innovation and Scholarship Enterprise by Enhancing the Quantity and Quality of External Funding, Publications and Scholarly Activities.

7. Promote and Leverage UTMC as an Academic Medical Center and Experiential Learning Resource.

Throughout the summer, subcommittees of the Strategic Planning Committee will be connecting with the broader UToledo community to continue to create UToledo’s next strategic plan. A series of Town Hall sessions will be scheduled during the summer and fall to solicit additional feedback.

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