What Causes Kidney Stones? A UTMC Urologist Explains

June 28, 2022 | News, UToday, Alumni, UTMC
By Staff

Having one kidney stone significantly increases the odds you’ll experience another one in your lifetime. But what causes kidney stones in the first place?

Dr. Ahmed El-Zawahry, a board-certified urologist at The University of Toledo Medical Center, breaks down what we know about why kidney stones form and how they’re treated in the newest episode of Prescribed Listening.

While genetics is the strongest contributing factor to kidney stones, El-Zawahry explains there are other elements at play — and he outlines steps people can take to lessen their chance of developing another one.

The episode, available now, also addresses other common urologic questions including how much fluid people should drink each day, what the smell and color of urine can say about our health and when men should be screened for prostate cancer.

New episodes featuring UTMC experts answering other popular health questions will be released each Friday over the next several weeks.

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