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Student dies after off-campus assault

A University of Toledo student was assaulted Sunday evening near the corner of Bancroft Street and Westwood Avenue and later died from injuries suffered in the attack.

Casey Bucher, 22, a sophomore majoring in exercise science at the University, was stabbed just after 8 p.m. in the 2600 block of Bancroft. He was transported to Toledo Hospital where he later died.

“The University community is heartbroken by the news that this happened to one of our students,” said Dr. Kaye Patten Wallace, vice president for student affairs. “We are offering counseling services for members of our community who would like to talk.”

The UT Counseling Center can be reached at 419.530.2426.

Patten Wallace said she has been in contact with Bucher’s family and that future UT efforts would be in accordance with their wishes. UT will communicate information about memorial services when it is available, she said.

The Toledo Police Department has arrested and charged Lawrence Fitzgerald James, 24, with the crime.

UT Police Chief Jeff Newton said random acts of violence, though rare, do occur.

“These types of tragedies are always senseless,” Newton said, adding that UT partners closely with Toledo police to minimize and prevent crime on and around the University’s campuses.

“The safety of our students is the University’s top priority,” he said. “We work closely with the UT Division of Student Affairs, UT student organizations and neighborhood organizations to make our community safe.”

One response to “Student dies after off-campus assault”

  1. Edward McGuigan says:

    I was not only a good friend of Casey, but also a fellow roommate of his. Although I am thankful for Toledo Police finding and arresting the murderer, I am not satisfied with their efforts in Toledo student safety. Many, if not most, students live in the neighborhood behind engineering. I have many friends that have been assaulted and even beaten for their money or possessions, in or around this area. I hear of these occurrences happening too often, and rarely hear of anything being done about it. Off-campus parties are not as reckless as you would see at other colleges, but it seems as if they are police officials’ main concern. Their concern should be set on keeping the streets around campus safe, and questioning suspicious activity. A college kid drinking is inevitable, but hoodlums taking advantage of drunken students walking home is preventable. I was once at a party getting broken up by police, while someone was getting mugged directly across the street. They break up parties for kids to walk home, in a now unsafe neighborhood, impaired and unsupervised. Please start questioning the suspicious activities that go on behind engineering, instead of just making kids more vulnerable to assault. If police make their main concern catching criminals, instead of catching educated college kids…I am sure a tragedy such as this won’t happen again. Sincerely, Eddy McGuigan – a concerned UT student, off-campus resident, and good friend of Casey.