UToledo Continues Hospital Stabilization Efforts

August 12, 2020 | News, UToday, UTMC
By Dr. Adrienne King

While continuing to work on the 2021 budget, University leadership is performing a strategic review of the hospital’s business strategy and community needs assessment while also honoring the ongoing commitment to the growth and success of the Academic Affiliation Agreement.

Hospital leadership has been working diligently to review current service lines and future growth opportunities. “We are proud to be Toledo’s community-focused teaching hospital and are driven to provide exceptional patient-centered service to our region, while also providing training opportunities for UToledo’s many healthcare programs ranging from family medicine, to occupational therapy, to pharmacy, to nursing,” said UTMC CEO Rick Swaine.

UToledo’s Academic Affiliation with ProMedica also continues to enhance medical education for the College of Medicine and Life Sciences. Training opportunities for learners added in recent years include fellowships in endocrinology, rheumatology, hematology/oncology, surgery, patient safety and internal medicine.

“The Academic Affiliation was and is an important partnership for the continued growth of the College of Medicine and Life Sciences and helps fullfill its mission to enhance research, education and patient care,” said UToledo Interim President Gregory Postel, M.D. “The University is committed to healthcare programs that provide quality clinical learning environments.”

Earlier this year the University requested the assistance of the Ohio Auditor of State to review the finances of both UTMC and the College of Medicine and Life Sciences in an effort to provide transparency related to the hospital’s ongoing fiscal challenges. The Auditor performed a procedures audit of the last five fiscal years as well as the current fiscal year through March 31, 2020 as prepared by CLA, our independent audit firm.

UToledo officials are also cooperating with the State of Ohio as it reviews the Academic Affiliation Agreement. The University has committed to working with the State to perform a review of historical information pursuant to the implementation of the Academic Affiliation Agreement and the hospital’s operations.

The University of Toledo is committed to quality education, quality healthcare and impactful community engagement. Our training programs, patients and local community will all benefit from the work in which we are engaged.

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