Detroit Lions’ rep to speak at uHeart Digital Media Conference

October 6, 2014 | Events, UToday, Alumni
By Kevin Bucher

When Jeff Sims, customer relationship manager and research manager for the Detroit Lions, comes to the uHeart Digital Media Conference, he will discuss recent innovations that have helped the team stay ahead of the game.



Some of the things Sims will touch on will be the team’s switch from Ticketmaster to Veritix. Currently, the Lions are the only team in the NFL that is not a Ticketmaster client.

“In addition, we were the first NFL team to go with variable pricing, where games are priced based on the value they offer. Our preseason prices this year were 71 percent lower than in 2013,” Sims said.

Veritix provides paperless ticketing, event marketing and relationship management applications to artists, professional sports teams, universities, arts organizations and entertainment venues.

Sims also hopes to discuss social media and digital media and how he uses them in his life and job.

“I don’t use social media for my job in the way you might expect. While we have a social media person who posts for our Lions’ account, I personally use social to keep up on industry trends,” Sims said. “I follow several developers and engineering folks to help me stay current on what’s going on and also learn new skills.”

Sims also plans to talk about the team’s upcoming customer relationship management project and how it helps the Lions keep creating positive experiences.

The uHeart Digital Media Conference will be held Thursday and Friday, Oct. 9 and Oct. 10, at the Radisson Hotel on UT’s Health Science Campus.

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