UT first Ohio campus to use roller-compacted concrete

October 11, 2012 | News, UToday
By Casey Cheap

The University has spent less money for a better product on recent repaving projects, according to Doug Collins, director of facilities maintenance and grounds.

Roller-compacted concrete was installed for the buses at the UT Grounds and Fleet Services Building on campus before fall semester started.

“We have applied roller-compacted concrete to Lot 31, which is a grounds and maintenance building,” Collins said. “The product has been used on the Ohio Turnpike and other industrial settings. This was one of the main reasons why we put it in the grounds/fleet area.”

Collins said UT saved about $60,000 by paving the parking lot with roller-compacted concrete as opposed to asphalt.

“The total cost of the project was $290,000. Asphalt application was projected to be in the $350,000 range,” he said.

Wayne Moening, northwest Ohio promotion director for Ohio Concrete, also said UT is getting more bang for its buck because of the recent installation of roller-compacted concrete.

“Roller-compacted concrete benefits the University because it has the strength and durability benefits of concrete for a price that is on par or competitive with asphalt,” Moening said.

He said UT is the first campus in Ohio to implement roller-compacted concrete.

Because it is so much drier than regular concrete, roller-compacted concrete also sets in less time than concrete, which needs about seven days, according to Moening. Many towns and cities throughout the United States usually opt to use asphalt over concrete because concrete is generally more expensive to install.

However, the cost of asphalt maintenance over time is pricy because it weathers more quickly and is not as durable as concrete, Moening said.

“Roller-compacted concrete is not as aesthetically pleasing as [regular] concrete, but it is about 15 degrees cooler in the summer [than asphalt], and there are environmental runoff benefits as well,” he said.

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