Focused Forums Planned During Higher Learning Commission Site Visit

November 3, 2021 | News, UToday
By Staff

A six-person team representing the Higher Learning Commission will visit The University of Toledo campuses Monday, Nov. 8, and Tuesday, Nov. 9, as part of the continuing accreditation process.

During the visit, the team will hold three forums on Monday, focused on specific criteria for accreditation. Members of the UToledo community are being invited at the request of the accreditation team to each forum; however, the team also wants to hear from additional members of the campus community who are interested in attending.

The first forum will be focused on the first two criteria, Mission and Integrity: Ethical and Responsible Conduct, and will take place at 1 p.m. in Thompson Student Union Room 2582. The forum will be livestreamed on the University’s YouTube channel.

That will be followed by the second forum on criteria three and four, Teaching and Learning: Quality, Resources and Support and Teaching and Learning: Evaluation and Improvement, at 2 p.m. in the same location. That forum also will be livestreamed on YouTube.

The forum on the final fifth criteria for accreditation, Institutional Effectiveness, Resources and Planning, will be in-person at 3 p.m. in Thompson Student Union Room 2584.

The site visit from the Higher Learning Commission review team is the next step in the accreditation process that UToledo began in 2019, when a team was put together to gather the evidence and write the narrative to support how well the University is meeting the five criteria and core components set forth by the Higher Learning Commission.

In September, UToledo encouraged students to participate in the Higher Learning Commission’s student opinion survey as part of the accreditation process.

On Oct. 10, the University submitted its assurance argument document, also known as a self-study. The full assurance argument and an executive summary are available on the UToledo Higher Learning Commission website. An updated site visit schedule also is available on the website.

UToledo has been accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, which is an institutional accrediting body that comprehensively evaluates the University, since 1922.

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