Enroll, Waive Student Health Insurance for Spring by Jan. 31

November 18, 2020 | News, UToday, Student Affairs
By Staff

The University of Toledo offers students ready access to healthcare coverage and a full line of health services conveniently located on our campuses.

UToledo partnered with Anthem Student Advantage for the 2020-21 academic year to provide a medical and prescription drug insurance plan for students that provides access to providers nationwide and in the area, including The University of Toledo Medical Center, University Health Center on Main Campus and Student Health and Wellness Center on Health Science Campus.

This fall, UToledo began automatically enrolling the following students in the University-sponsored student medical and prescription drug insurance plan:

•  All domestic undergraduate students registered for six or more credit hours per term;

•  All domestic graduate students registered for six or more credit hours per term;

•  All international students registered for one or more credit hour per term; and

•  All students who participate in patient care and are required by their program to have health insurance.

Students automatically enrolled in the student medical and prescription drug insurance plan may submit a waiver by providing documentation of coverage under another plan through the myUT Portal to have the premium removed from their student account. The waiver deadline for spring 2021 is Sunday, Jan. 31. If you previously waived coverage for fall 2020, your waiver will remain on your student account for the remainder of the academic year and a new waiver is not needed for spring 2021. A new waiver is needed each academic year.

All other degree-seeking students, as well as their eligible dependents, are able to voluntarily enroll in the plan beginning Tuesday, Dec. 8, and must be completed by Sunday, Jan. 31, through the myUT Portal. Please note that students and dependents who voluntarily enrolled for fall 2020 will have coverage through Thursday, Dec. 31. You must voluntarily enroll for spring 2021 if you or your dependents want coverage effective Friday, Jan. 1, through Tuesday, Aug. 10.

In addition to medical and prescription drug coverage, UToledo also offers students and their eligible dependents dental and vision insurance plans, if needed.

If you have questions regarding the student medical and prescription drug insurance plan, please call Anthem Student Advantage at 844.412.0752. If you have questions regarding UToledo’s Student Health Insurance Plans or policy, please visit the Student Health Insurance Plan website or email studenthealthinsurance@utoledo.edu.

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