Pharmacy Graduate Finds Her Fit in Unique Cosmetic Science and Formulation Program

December 14, 2021 | Graduate News, News, Student Success, UToday, Alumni, Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
By Tyrel Linkhorn

Heading into college, Dyamond Dieudonne felt that she had a better handle on what careers she didn’t want to pursue than those that she did.

That changed when she took an introduction to cosmetic science course in the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Graduation Cap

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Dieudonne, who grew up on Long Island and had been in a pharmacy technician program through her high school, had come to The University of Toledo with the intention of completing the Doctor of Pharmacy Program.

Looking back, she acknowledges that she wasn’t entirely certain about that plan, but it did lead her to find her niche in the Cosmetic Science and Formulation Design Program, directed by Dr. Gabriella Baki.

“Dr. Baki did a great job explaining what the program entailed and I really enjoyed learning about the cosmetic industry, especially as someone who uses numerous personal care and beauty products,” Dieudonne said. “I realized that cosmetic science was more fun and interesting to me.”

Dieudonne, who is set to graduate this week with her bachelor’s degree, sees a wide range of possibilities in her future.

“There are so many things we can do with this degree. It’s a very unique program and it’s very personalized,” she said. “You can definitely make it where it feels like it’s geared toward you as an individual.”

Baki, an associate professor of pharmaceutics, often talks about the program as a blend of art, science and business. Graduates have found jobs in formulation, marketing, quality control and clinical testing in the industry.


“Dyamond has been a pleasure to teach in my course and advise in the lab,” Baki said. “With her unique degree and hands-on training, mixed with her curiosity, adaptability and willingness to learn and grow, she has countless opportunities.”

Dieudonne plans to return to the New York metropolitan area — a key hub of the cosmetics industry — after graduation to seek a research and development job.

She completed an internship at Next Step Laboratories, a cosmetics research and development company in Queens, N.Y., during the summer and is currently working with Baki on a project aimed at creating longer-lasting pigment dispersions for lipsticks.

Dispersing agents are needed to stabilize the powdered pigment and keep it from clumping together. Traditional dispersions, she said, work well but have a limited shelf life and are needed in large quantities.

“One of the things I enjoy the most is taking on students and exposing them to the beauty of research,” Baki said. “Doing research is creative work and often challenging, but it can be very rewarding. Seeing how students like Dyamond grow throughout the experience is amazing.”

Dieudonne also hopes to incorporate her passion for advocacy and social justice into her career.

“I feel like now people are doing a lot more realization of disparities that are happening in society, and that’s true even within the cosmetic industry,” she said. “If I go to a drugstore, there’s no guarantee I’m going to find a foundation that fits my complexion. I’m hopeful I can bring that perspective and work to promote more inclusive products.”

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