University Updates Compliance Training Timeline, Courses for 2024

December 14, 2023 | News, UToday
By Staff

Institutional Compliance will be shifting the window for completing compliance training courses beginning in January 2024. It will assign courses for completion between January and June each calendar year, giving employees additional time to complete trainings. The current training window spans July through October.

Institutional Compliance will not reassign in 2024 courses completed in calendar year 2023. It will assign in January 2024 (for completion by June) any required courses completed prior to 2023. New employees must still complete the compliance training courses assigned upon hire within their first month of employment.

In addition to the core courses, the University now requires completion of its Hazing Prevention Training for all staff and volunteers that advise or coach an organization recognized by or operating under the sanction of an institution and who have direct contact with students. The University still strongly encourages employees not required to take the training to complete this important course. This training is hosted by, rather than Vector, which is the learning management system used for other University compliance courses.

“Regardless of whether your role is student-facing, it is prudent for all of us to know how to recognize and report hazing and other related inappropriate behaviors on our campus,“ said David Cutri, the University’s chief compliance officer and chief audit executive.

In January, employees will receive from a University email account a message containing a link to the hazing course, so that the recipient can satisfy themselves that the message is legitimate. The University will supplement course content by periodic messages reminding employees where to find additional information about hazing prevention. UToledo students also complete a hazing course customized to the student experience.

“UToledo has a wonderful story to tell about employee training on topics such as sexual misconduct, ethics, HIPAA, IT security, Medicare fraud/waste/abuse and diversity,” Cutri said. “We anticipate that employees, student workers and affiliates will complete over 60,000 compliance training courses in these and other subjects by year end across our enterprise. While we recognize that this training involves a commitment of time, the benefits of risk avoidance far outweigh that cost, so we appreciate our colleagues’ investment in this education.”

Supervisors can monitor their employees’ course completion progress by accessing the Institutional Compliance training report. Instructions for accessing this report are available on the Institutional Compliance website. Employees can view any outstanding assigned courses by accessing the email message they received when they were assigned the course, or via the following link directly to Vector and their training dashboard.

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