A message from Larry Burns

December 20, 2012 | News, UToday
By Staff

Trustees, faculty, staff and students,

Last night an incident occurred in the International House residence hall that has earned a great deal of attention from local, regional and national media.

As has been and will continue to be reported internally and externally, two students were involved in a dispute that escalated and ultimately resulted in the death of one student and serious injuries to the other.

As our thoughts are with the families of those involved, questions have continued to linger about the specifics of the incident. To be clear: There were two students involved in the altercation and police continue to investigate with hopes of determining exactly what happened that led to this tragic end. There is nothing to indicate that any others were involved in the assault.

We will continue to post updates at myUT.utoledo.edu as information becomes available. If you would like to sign up to receive immediate updates on urgent situations, please register for UT Alert. If you believe that you registered previously, but did not receive a notification last night, please revisit the registration page and reactivate your account.

Many members of the university community have come forward to provide support in this difficult situation. From our UT police, to maintenance staff, to student affairs professionals, to the communications team, we are focused on assisting anyone impacted by this isolated event, and we are committed to providing everyone with accurate information as we are able.

As Dr. Kaye Patten Wallace and President Lloyd Jacobs expressed earlier, this tragic, isolated incident has been a shock to all of us, but we will persevere.

Thank you

Lawrence J. Burns
Vice President for External Affairs

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