Rocket Motorsports revved up for regional competition

May 14, 2014 | Events, News, Research, UToday, Engineering
By Aimee Portala

Since 1995, Rocket Motorsports, The University of Toledo Formula SAE team, has been building innovative vehicles for regional and international competitions.

The Rocket Motorsport team is preparing to compete at the Formula SAE Michigan competition, beginning Wednesday, May 14. The competition is at Michigan International Speedway and features more than 120 teams from around the globe, with competitors from Germany and Brazil who are spending time with Rocket Motorsports before the event.

Rocket Motorsports, The University of Toledo Formula SAE team

Rocket Motorsports, The University of Toledo Formula SAE team

Formula SAE is a student-led competition sanctioned by SAE International. Teams of college students are challenged to design, build and race an open-wheel formula-style racecar. More than 400 chapters at universities worldwide participate in a number of regional events.

Dynamic performance, design, manufacturing methods, project budget, testing and final product are evaluated by leading industry professionals. The judging process tests students to the edge of their knowledge by creating an atmosphere equal in stress level to marketing a product to a consumer.

Formula SAE teaches organizational, time management and leadership skills, promotes professionalism, and encourages the use of cutting-edge technology. The program offers students the opportunity to apply the theories learned in the classroom and challenges them to apply new concepts and push limits, often resulting in designs at the forefront of technology.

The team is broken down into six specialized areas: team management, chassis, suspension, powertrain, electrical and composite. Each group is equally important to the creation and success of the vehicle.

“The 2013-14 season marks the 20th year of our Formula SAE team,” said Dale Hamberg, team leader and a senior in the College of Engineering. “This year’s team includes students in a wide variety of majors, from engineering to business, and the car expresses each individual’s knowledge, research and creativity.”

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