University Research Funding Opportunities Spring 2021 Major Awards Announced

June 1, 2021 | News, UToday, Arts and Letters, Business and Innovation, Engineering, Graduate Studies, Health and Human Services, Medicine and Life Sciences, Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
By Kirk Baird

The University of Toledo’s Office of Research and Sponsored Programs recently announced its University Research Funding Opportunities awards for Spring 2021.

“I continue to be impressed by the quality of research underway across campus and am pleased that the University is able to provide funding in support of projects that have been endorsed by the University Research Council or recommended by external reviewers,” said Dr. Frank Calzonetti, vice president for research. “Dr. Rick Francis, who oversees the URFO program in my office, has done a great job in providing administrative oversight to a very well-organized internal grants program.”

The research grants awarded are:

Interdisciplinary Research Initiation, $90,000

•  Tomer Avidor-Reiss, Department of Biological Sciences, for bicarbonate induced sperm centriole change.

•  Lirim Shemshedini, Department of Biological Sciences, for peptides inhibiting EZH2 and AR in prostate cancer cells.

Research Innovation Program, $80,000

•  Jason F. Huntley, Department of Medical Microbiology and Immunology, for understanding how tick microbiomes impact infections by bacterial pathogens.

•  Francis Xavier Pizza, School of Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences, for myonuclear positioning and transcription during skeletal muscle regeneration.

•  Isaac T. Schiefer, Department of Medicinal and Biological Chemistry, for development of a zebrafish screen to identify agents which reverse the effects of opioids.

Research Awards and Fellowships, $172,051

•  Ann Carrellas, School of Social Justice, for making friends: the experiences of children with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders and friendship.

•  An Chung Cheng, Department of World Languages and Cultures, for sensitivity to Spanish verbal inflections in second language processing: evidence from eye-tracking.

•  An Thi Dinh, School of Intervention and Wellness, for understanding the current assessment and treatment approaches to lexical tone impairment post-stroke by speech-language pathologist.

•  Joseph M. Gamble, Department of English Language and Literature, for sex lives of the early moderns.

•  Meysam Haghshenas, Department of Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, for very high cycle fatigue of cast and additively manufactured high-performance A205 aluminum alloy.

•  Natasha Yvonne Johnson, Department of Educational Foundations and Leadership, for the infusion of chemistry instruction and metacognitive learning strategies into an existing summer bridge program: a case study.

•  Karie Jo Peralta, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, for Dominican immigrant experiences in the Midwest.

•  Joseph Schmidt, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, for new lanthanum-centered catalysts for atom-efficient syntheses.

•  Jennifer Lynn Stevens, Department of Marketing and International Business, for the influence of social scarcity cues online.

•  Jue Wang, Department of Finance, for business economics gender and racial diversity among inventors and stock returns.

•  Courtney Elizabeth Williams, Department of Management, for the role of discrete emotions in job satisfaction: a meta-analytic review.

•  Michael Christopher Young, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, for activation and fixation of carbon dioxide using infrared irradiation.

DeArce-Koch Memorial Endowment Fund, $50,000

•  Wissam Ali Aboualaiwi, Department of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, for role of brain vascular primary cilia in the pathogenesis of hypertension and Alzheimer’s disease.

•  James Patrick Burkett, Department of Neurosciences, for the effects of developmental pyrethroid pesticide exposure on mouse brains using integrative multiomics.

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